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On the shore of Lake Särkijärvi, in the embrace of the fells, it is good for a vacationer to rest. Sits in the fells on the stump or on a rock. Stand on the slope of the fell with snowshoes to look at the scenery. After the nature trip, sit down on the sauna’s boards to stir up the steam. Take a dip in the soothing waters of Lake Särkijärvi – in any of the eight seasons.
And of course, enjoy your own trails in all eight seasons.
That’s why it’s important for us to act responsibly and make our business sustainable both from the point of view of nature as well as socially and economically.
People come to us because the nature around us is wonderful. It is the most important starting point of our activities. Without taking care of nature, we wouldn’t have all the eight seasons mentioned below.


lahdeksan vuodenajan puuhat
kahdeksan vuodenajan puuhat

Freezing winter

Procurement spring

De-icing spring
Nightless night
The first snow
Christmas polar night
kahdeksan vuodenajan puuhat
kahdeksan vuodenajan puuhat
kahdeksan vuodenajan puuhat

Staying in the middle of nature is nice!

In order to make the accommodation also responsible, we have chosen a renewable form of energy for heating already 20 years ago, i.e. we heat with wood chips. For the interior, we have chosen materials that are resistant to time and washing.

You will stay with us without barriers

Our accommodations are designed to be accessible. When you notify us in advance of the need, we will also deliver a ramp to the entrance. The shower and toilet facilities are accessible.

kahdeksan vuodenajan puuhat
kahdeksan vuodenajan puuhat

Nature is an important value for us

The nature around us is important to us, that’s why we commit together to take care of it. Together we keep the environment clean.


kahdeksan vuodenajan puuhat

Snacks from the nearby 

We pick the berries ourselves. Whenever possible, the fish comes from Särkijärvi and the reindeer from Raattama.

kahdeksan vuodenajan puuhat
kahdeksan vuodenajan puuhat

Aitoja iloja, nautintoja ja hyvää mieltä yhdessä pienesti mutta sydämellä