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There is an old story that three brothers came to the wide expanses of Lapland looking for a place to live. One of them settled at Lake Kangosjärvi, another at Lake Särkijärvi, and the third at Torassieppi. That was how those three villages got started.

Sarrigjauri, The Sami-language name of Särkijärvi, means “valley or lake of blueberries.” It is an apt description of the location of the village, for we are embraced by the fells of Juuvanrova, Pallastunturi, and Särkitunturi, which all have blueberries growing on their slopes.

The Old House has served a variety of purposes during its history. It has housed a hostelry, a co-operative shop, and a school, and there have always been farming, cows and horses on the farm. Today there are no cattle any longer, but there is still subsistence farming.

During the so-called Lapland war, the Old House served as quarters for German officers, judging by the jumping mines and weapons found around it. The old granary, about 180 years of age, served as a lookout during the war.

The house had the village's first television set, and the villagers came to watch it in droves. They brought one-mark coins with them, for one had to keep feeding coins into a slot machine to watch the programmes.

The Old House has been owned by the Särkijärvi family throughout the years and will surely provide new stories for the young owners to tell who are now taking over. We will continue the accommodation business, and as an addition to the traditional cottage accommodation, we have built well-equipped new apartments. In our meal services we will make maximal use of the produce of our farm, the abundant fish from the lake, and the offerings of our clean nature.

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